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The Social Banking Approach

We provide better banking for a better world.



Inhouse Full Service Provider

We consult, concept, brand and design, we enhance customer stickiness and conversions for B2B and B2C services.



Fidor Bank

// Innovative Banking as unique as you 

Fidor Bank is Europe’s first digital challenger bank.

Founded in 2009 in Germany, Fidor became the first “fintech bank" by pioneering collaboration between traditional financial services and technology businesses. 

Fidor’s current business is focussed on providing a fully digital banking experience to retail and SME customers in Germany. In addition, the bank has a strong market position in providing payment and transaction services to leading payment services providers and digital asset market participants.

// Social Banking for your digital lifestyle

Fidor Bank, the "world's first digital-only, customer-centric bank" was born in the midst of the banking crisis. Why? The need for open and transparent banking was necessary.

We take pride in staying at the forefront of digital innovation by partnering with banks and consumer organizations that share our vision of giving consumers a more relevant and rewarding banking experience.

Fidor Factory

// Service and communication for Fidor customers

Fidor Factory GmbH is a digital agency that oversees all customer communications and services of Fidor Group globally. The company’s main activities include managing the group’s PR, communications, and customer relationship management, as well as addressing direct customer dialogues.

As an in-house digital marketing solution specialist, Fidor Factory GmbH has been involved at all stages of Fidor Bank’s growth, right from the beginning in 2009 to the roll-out of its offering across the globe presently. Fidor Factory GmbH is based in Berlin and Munich and is a 100% subsidiary of Fidor Bank AG.