FIDOR Smart Current Account


Total flexibility. Tons of extras. 

Mobile, digital and contactless.

Cash at over 12,000 retail partners. 

Digital Fidor Debit Mastercard® inclusive.

Deposit protection up to €100,000.

How to open a Fidor Smart banking account?

Mobile Payment. All online. 

It can be hard to find a current account with exciting and cool features. But that’s just what we offer here at Fidor Bank. Sign up for our banking package, perfectly tailored to your needs. Includes a bank account, digital Fidor Mastercard® with mobile payment and the Fidor Smart Banking app.

And that’s not all Fidor has to offer. Security is always our top priority. Receive transaction notifications in real-time and using Geo-Blocking, easily manage the countries where you want your card to be valid. Get access to exclusive partners

Activity Bonus? Only with us.

Simply use your account to conduct more than 10 transactions per month, and we'll give you an Activity Bonus* in the value of €5,00.

The following transactions count:

  • Incoming and outgoing SEPA- and international transfers, as well as direct debits
  • Internal Fidor transfers
  • Payments with your Fidor Mastercard, whether at the Point of Sale (POS), with Fidor Pay, Apple Pay or online
  • Buying / selling of crypto currencies via express trading
  • Paying-in or withdrawing cash using Fidor Cash - or withdraw at any ATM.


*Excluded from the possible Activity Bonus payout are current accounts with an active seizure, seizure-protection accounts (so-called P-Accounts), basic accounts and insolvency accounts.

Do you have an active Fidor Instalment Loan? Then you won't have to pay the account fees and can continue using your account, free of charge. In the case of an early termination, or at the end of terms of the respective product, the account fees will be charged the following month. 

Our Current Account. Manages more than just money.

Together with the Fidor Smart Banking App and your free digital Fidor Debit Mastercard® we offer you an innovative and digital banking experience. A current account that is as smart as you. With real added value: You may wish to use your Fidor Smart Current Account for standard banking activities, salary payments, transfers and standing orders... but you also have the option to trade crypto currencies and foreign currencies.

This offer can only be found at Fidor. But there’s even more! Split-second transactions between Fidor accounts and transfers using email addresses & mobile phone numbers. Are you ready? We can help you to switch accounts. Convenient and also completely free of charge.

sign up for a current account today

10 reasons for a Fidor Smart Current Account:

We don't stand still. We stay at the forefront of technology.


Open your account,
fully digital.


Get your Acitivity Bonus 
with more than
10 transactions
per month.


Get our digital
Fidor Debit
 - free
of charge.


Use Apple Pay
or Fidor Pay.


Withdraw cash
using Fidor Cash
at over 12,000
retail partners.


Apply for our Fidor Instalment Loan or Overdraft, totally


Manage P2P transactions
in real-time.


Deposit protection up to €100,000.


Direct link to 
instant trading.


Get exclusive access to our selected partners.

Online authorisation process. Fast, easy and secure.

Want to open an account on the internet? Sometimes this can be a really long-winded process. Not with Fidor Bank. The Fidor Ident app makes the identification process simple. Whether at home or out and about - hassle-free and fast. The entire process only takes a few minutes, is secure, and you can get started right away!

What you need for the identification process:

  • A good GPS or Wifi connection
  • A valid ID document such as an ID card or passport
  • The Fidor Ident app

Fidor acts only as a broker who supplies information or as a "tipster" and is therefore not responsible for the services provided by third parties.

Fidor Smart Current Account


Total flexibility. Tons of extras. And with enough actions, free of charge.



The Fidor Smart Current Account is a digital cash management platform that allows you to easily manage your finances. You can securely make purchases online, access attractive deals, trade in foreign currencies and acquire virtual currencies. 

The Fidor Smart Current Account is currently only available in €. 

No, all natural or legal persons can currently only have one Fidor Smart Current Account.

  • Our Fidor Smart Current Account costs 5,00 € per month.
  • If you conduct more than 10 transactions per month, your Fidor Smart Current Account will receive our Activity Bonus of 5,00 € per month.
  • The currently valid fees can be found in our price list
  • You must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • Only fully registered Fidor Bank customers can take full advantage of the Fidor Smart Current Account.
  • We require the following details for our streamlined registration process: Email address and your full name. You can also use the streamlined registration process if you are already a Fidor Bank customer (e.g. if you already have a Fidor savings certificate).
  • Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive a 10-digit Fidor Smart Current Account number.
  • Please provide a valid bank account and mobile phone number for your deposits and withdrawals. The account must be in the name of the account holder with a domestic bank.
  • The Fidor Smart Current Account from Fidor Bank AG is a transaction platform. For security reasons, transfers are only possible via a mobile TAN. We will send you the mTAN after you have entered your transaction data and confirmed by text message using your specified mobile phone number. Please confirm your request with this TAN. (Please note: the TAN is only valid for a single transaction)
  • You can currently only register or be registered for one Fidor Smart Current Account. The Fidor Smart Current Account must be used solely by the registered user in their own name and for their own account.
  • You will not be able to close an existing account at Fidor Bank if you still owe money to other users (e.g. if you have borrowed money). 

Account switch service

Fidor makes it easy for you to switch to your new Fidor Smart Current Account.

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