Receive card payments: Mobile & hassle-free – without monthly fixed costs –exclusive conditions for Fidor customers.


Innovative card for
innovative ideas.

Highest flexibility and transparency.

Instantly ready for use.

Mobile, contactless and digital payments.

The Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®. One card – so many opportunities.

If you’re going for just one card, then go for one with lots of options: The Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®. Allowing your company to benefit from maximum flexibility and usability. The digital card is included when opening an account. Should you wish to have a physical card in your wallet, no problem. Our Fidor Mastercard® will accompany you where ever you go - digital, contactless or mobile. But our card offers a lot more: You won’t be charged any fees when paying abroad and will only have to pay 1.5 % on any foreign currency transactions.  

Plus you don’t need to wait for the benefits of our Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®: Your card is ready for use in digital form immediately after you order it. Quick and easy contactless payments, and smart payment services like Apple Pay, or Fidor Cash. Paying money into your Business Account or making a withdrawal has never been easier, with one of our 12.000 partners.

How do I get a digital card as a new customer?

How can I switch from a digital card to a physical one?

How can I switch from a physical card to a digital one?

The card with real innovation!

Easily pay with your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®… contactless! And have a transaction notification sent to your email, for free. Discover the unique function of Geo-Blocking on business trips and tell your card where in the world it should be valid. This makes your card safer and provides you with even more security.

The Fidor Business Debit Mastercard® is also your personal entry ticket to various Mastercard® offerings. You can even use our innovative API banking, which can be connected directly to your account.

Order now and start benefiting from all the things Mastercard® has to offer!


Our cards. At a glance:


Fidor Business

Mastercard® Digital 

Fidor Business 
Debit Mastercard®
Monthly Fee € 0 € 3
Apple Pay € 0 € 0
Transaction Fees € 0 € 0
International Service Fees
[outside Germany]
€ 0 € 0

Foreign Exchange Fees

1.50 % 1.50 %

ATM Withdrawals

within Germany
and abroad

€ 3

[per withdrawal]

€ 3

[per withdrawal]

Cash Withdrawals

with Mastercard®

at retail partners

No extra costs

No extra costs

Email Notification

with every card transaction

€ 0 € 0

SMS Notification

with every card transaction

€ 0.10

(per SMS)

€ 0.10

(per SMS)

Reset of card PIN
[after entering it wrong three times]

€ 8.50

€ 8.50

Order of a replacement card [physical] € 0

€ 15


Fidor acts only as a broker who supplies information or as a "tipster" and is therefore not responsible for the services provided by third parties.



Banking at another level. Total flexibility. Tons of extras. 



Contactless payments by card and without entering the PIN are possible up to and including € 50 - but only for a maximum of five transactions in a row and up to a total of € 150.

With the sixth card payment or when the sum of 150 € is exceeded, the card must be reinserted into the card terminal and the PIN entered. You can then make five contactless payments without entering a PIN. If the card is not inserted into the terminal for the next payment process after five contactless payments in a row, the PIN is requested again for each subsequent contactless payment process.


If you currently have a physical card and would like to have a digital card in the future, you can easily cancel your existing card in online banking or in the Fidor Smart Banking App and then order a new digital card.

To do this, go to the "Kartenverwaltung" tab in the app and click on "Karte dauerhaft sperren ". You can then order your new digital card in the app by clicking on "Karte bestellen"  in the “Kartenverwaltung" tab.

In online banking you can cancel your old card, if you click in the section "Einstellungen" on "Kartenverwaltung", then on “Kündigen / Sperren” and then on “Karte kündigen”. In the next step you can order a new digital card, if you go to the section “Cash Manager” and click on “Karten” and then on “Jetzt bestellen”.

If you currently only have a digital card and would like to have a physical card in the future, you can easily order it in oOnline banking or in the Fidor Smart Banking app. Please note, that the production and shipping of your new card may take a few working days.

To do this, go to the " Kartenverwaltung " tab in the app, click " Karte bestellen " and select your new physical card.

In online banking the process is similar. Go to the section “Cash Manager” and click on " Karten" and then on " Jetzt bestellen".

Please check if your card is active and that the card limit is set sufficiently high. Please also check in your card management function, whether you’ve enabled the country from where the merchant is attempting to debit your card. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service. 

Please contact our Customer Service by email and describe exactly what happened, so we can check the option of a chargeback by the bank. Please also provide us with all available supporting documents. If unlawful or fraudulent bookings are involved, which were not authorized by you, then please deactivate the card. To check a reimbursement of the amounts, please send us all the relevant information.

If you’ve deactivated your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®, you can reactivate it any time from within your card management function. However it’s not possible to unblock a permanently blocked card. If your card is blocked after several incorrect PIN or CVC2 code entries, then please contact our Customer Service to unblock your card.

You can cancel your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard® via your web banking or in the Fidor Smart Banking App. Alternatively, you can call the general blocking hotline (116 116). Please note that the card will continue to be displayed as active in the app if you cancel it via calling 116 116.

To enable us to release a pre-authorization for your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®, we need evidence that the merchant no longer intends to debit the amount. Please send proof (e.g. confirmation of cancellation, final invoice) to us via email. Pre-authorizations which are not debited by the merchant are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Geoblocking is a security measure that we provide with our Fidor Business Debit Mastercard®. The geoblocking function restricts the use of your Mastercard® in some countries. This prevents your card details from being misused in countries that are rated as particularly risky and insecure, either by theft or by preventing third parties from obtaining your card details. More and more banks are offering geoblocking. So, what’s special about Fidor? We empower you to decide for yourself in which countries you wish your card to be valid in. Additionally, you can also set your personal limit and thus, ensure even more security.
You can use your Fidor Business Debit Mastercard® anywhere in the EU and UK. All countries outside of the EU and UK are automatically blocked. If you want to unblock your card for individual countries, you can adjust the settings in the card management function of your desktop banking or in the Fidor app. While you can block or unblock individual countries in the app, you can also use the desktop banking to activate or deactivate specific regions.


Receive mobile and uncomplicated card payments
without monthly fixed costs - with exclusive conditions
for Fidor customers!

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