We are currently working to improve the Speed Overdraft and will make it available again soon.

Receive card payments: Mobile & hassle-free – without monthly fixed costs –exclusive conditions for Fidor customers.


Instant liquidity when
the well runs dry.

Up to 3,000 € Speed Overdraft. Fast, flexible and un-bureaucratic.

Overcome liquidity shortfalls. In just 60 seconds.

Repayment instalments are flexible and possible at any time.

Borrowing rate of only 12.50 % p.a.

The Fidor Speed Overdraft. Surprisingly quick if you’re taken by surprise.

Whoever is self-employed knows the problem: You’re up against liquidity problems from time to time. Sudden expenses appear out of nowhere or additional invoices to pay. To prevent you from getting into a tight spot, we offer the Fidor Speed Overdraft. Devised to help you in moments of need - quickly, easily and without any annoying bureaucracy. And all of this with totally fair terms and conditions.

Customers of Fidor Bank can enjoy the benefits of our overdraft loan within just 60 seconds. With a maximum payout sum of 3,000 € and a fair borrowing rate of only 12.50 % p.a., you can stay financially fit even when things get tough. You’re eligible for a pay-out of our Speed Overdraft if:

  • You’ve been a customer at Fidor Bank for at least 6 months
  • You can demonstrate a minimum of € 1,500 turnover per month, for the last 6 months
  • Your business has been operating for at least 2 years
  • Your company is based in Germany

Fidor acts only as a broker who supplies information or as a "tipster" and is therefore not responsible for the services provided by third parties.


Keep your company competitive.


A balance update for authorising Mastercard®-transactions always happens if a transaction occurs in the account or something changes in the card status. 
The granting of a Speed Overdraft does not represent a transaction, which means the available amount for authorising the card transactions is not updated. Consequently, this update always occurs if any transaction has been made in the account or the status of the card changes. If applying for the Speed Overdraft with the card, a transaction first needs to be initiated or the status of the card has to change.

The Speed Overdraft has been created for Fidor Smart business accounts. You can apply for the Speed Overdraft directly in your banking if you meet all the conditions for this.

The Speed Overdraft is available to fully legitimated Fidor business customers after a successful creditworthiness check by Fidor Bank.

The following additional criteria need to be satisfied:

  • Business relationship with the Fidor Bank for at least 6 months
  • Business operational for 2 years (changes of name or legal form are considered separately)
  • Business based in Germany
  • Minimum turnover into account of € 1500 monthly

Fidor Bank reserves the right to decline an application.

Potential reasons for a rejection can be:

  • No regular use of the account
  • No regular incoming payments 
  • Problems when paying back loans in the past 
  • The combination of internal and external information for a positive loan decision are insufficient

To enable a quick loan decision within the 60-second banking, Fidor Bank uses an automated risk classification method. 
In selecting your personal information and usage data (including income/asset situation, duration of customer relationship, data from your profile, etc.), Fidor Bank performs a credit scoring for the purpose of the credit decision. 

Please also read the information in our FAQs on the Fidor Smart business account.


Receive mobile and uncomplicated card payments
without monthly fixed costs - with exclusive conditions
for Fidor customers!

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