Save and invest with Fidor:
Turbocharge your money.

Invest your money at guaranteed interest rates and for a fixed term (p.a.).

Choose the terms and interest rate that you want.

Various stable savings options: from short- to long-term.

Easily bookable, directly from your account.

The Fidor Savings Bond.
Easy and convenient.

You should be able to decide what happens to your money. With the Fidor savings bond, you can ensure that your money becomes more, instead of less – from as little as € 100 per month. And that with low risk, at fixed interest rates and variable terms.

Looking to invest a little more? No problem. You can invest up to € 100,000 in a Fidor savings bond. As secure as a savings account and with attractive interest rates. Keep in mind: the longer the term, the higher the interest you’ll earn. No matter what you choose: investing is as easy as counting to three. With the Fidor interest calculator directly integrated in the account and the option to monitor your savings bonds online, you are always kept up to date, everywhere you go.

Don’t just stash your cash under the mattress, put it in safe-keeping with the Fidor savings bond.

Invest in Fidor savings bond

The Fidor Capital Bond. Pretty attractive!

Invest your money long-term and have the interest paid out monthly. That is just one reason why the Fidor capital bond is so attractive. Get access to competitive interest rates – from as little as € 100 per month. The Fidor interest calculator will help find the right package for you. Once you’re the proud owner of a Fidor capital bond, you can follow it online and always keep an eye on the money you’ve invested.

It’s time to let your money start working for you – invest in the Fidor capital bond:

Invest in Fidor capital bond

Save ‘like a Pro’: with special offers from our Partners.

Get direct access to exciting products from selected Fidor partners. Whether fixed deposits or call money, reliable and attractive loan products or insurance packages - we offer deals that’ll precisely match your needs. Want to know more? Then stop by our Fidor Features.

The highlights, at a glance:

  • Large selection of products and services from carefully selected partners
  • Exciting and innovative financial products – for every type of investment
  • Investments tailored to your individual needs and wants

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Invest with ease.



Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend your savings bond / capital bond. However, you can invest in a new savings bond / capital bond at the current conditions.

Your savings bond / capital bond can no longer be terminated after the two-week withdrawal period has expired and therefore cannot be paid out early.

Savings bonds are automatically credited to your Fidor Smart current account, one bank working day after the due date, plus the interest due to you. There are no bookings on weekends and public holidays. If the final due date is on a weekend or a public holiday, the credit will take place on the next working day according to the value date.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the investment amount during the term. However, it is possible to open additional savings bonds / capital letters at any time.

With the capital bond, you have to create an exemption order for the entire term (annually), as the interest is paid out monthly. With a savings bond, it is sufficient to create an exemption order for the payment year, as the full interest income is only credited to your Fidor Smart current account when it is due.

Account switch service

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