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Our Fidor installment loan: Live your dreams today.

Do you have a dream – big or small – you’d like to see become reality today? As an innovative digital bank, we know how to make dreams come true. Around the clock, without you needing to wait. With low-interest rates from 0.68 %2 p.a. and flexible terms up to 120 months. Decide on your desired sum and term – and in less than 10 minutes we’ll have your application sorted. You’ll receive your money transferred to an account of your choice. As a Fidor account holder, we’ll even guarantee you immediate pay-out. It’s as easy as that.

For anyone deciding on an installment loan at Fidor Bank: Take out inexpensive payment protection insurance from us directly for even greater security. Allowing you to concentrate on what’s important: Fulfilling your dreams.

Ready, steady, go – your loan will be finalized in less than 10 minutes. Easily, no matter where you are!

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*Our loan application form is only available in German

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Our Fidor installment loan. 
Ready in less than 10 minutes.

apply for instaLlment loan now*

*Our loan application form is only available in German

1 After successfully applying for a loan and verifying your identity, you’ll automatically receive a free Fidor Smart current account. The loan sum can be paid to your Fidor Smart current account or a reference account (third-party account) of your choice. Payment to a third-party account may take a bit longer than payment to the Fidor Smart current account, which is done in a matter of minutes.

2 Net loan amount of €500 to €50,000. Depending on creditworthiness and term, effective annual interest rate: from 0.68 % to 8.29 %, fixed borrowing rate p.a.: 1.60 % to 12.70 %, terms from 12 to 120 months. The lender is Fidor Bank AG, Sandstraße 33, 80335 Munich. This represents a non-binding example from Fidor Bank AG and not an offer. The actual terms and conditions will only be stipulated once a creditworthiness check and Schufa enquiry have been conducted. Representative example in accordance with Section 6a Paragraph 4 of the German Price Indication Regulation (PAngV): Net loan amount: €10,000.00, term: 120 months, effective annual interest rate: 6.88 %, fixed borrowing rate p.a.: 6.67 %, total amount: €13,732.72, monthly rate: €114.44 , number of monthly installments: 120


To receive a Fidor installment loan, you need to be over twentyone years of age, a permanent resident of Germany and have regular income from work that is not self-employed (this covers employees, workers and civil servants). Plus the result of your creditworthiness check (including SCHUFA check) must be positive. 

After a successful credit application and online legitimation, you’ll automatically receive a free Fidor smart current account. You can have the loan sum paid to your Fidor smart current account or to an account of your choice. However, payment to a third-party account may take slightly longer than immediate payment to your Fidor Smart current account.

You can apply for our Fidor installment loan and get accepted around the clock, fully digital and without any red tape. You only need a valid ID or passport for the online legitimation.

Yes, we also conduct a SCHUFA enquiry as part of our creditworthiness check. You can find out more details about the SCHUFA information and score procedure at

Yes, you can revoke your Fidor installment loan within the statutory withdrawal period of 14 days without indicating any reasons. You can find more information on this in the loan agreement.

Yes, you can make free partial repayments or completely repay the installment loan at any time.

Yes, we offer two insurance packages as an option: Basic Protection and Premium Protection. You can find more information on this in the application procedure. However, credit protection is no guarantee for the loan to be granted.

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