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  • Exclusively for Fidor customers

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  • Up to € 10,000 overdraft decision, instantly and with fair interest

  • Overdraft loan available immediately after approval

Our overdraft. Proudly spontaneous.

You can’t plan everything in life. Especially not when money’s involved. A repair one day, a new washing machine the next... or simply a special treat that can’t wait: Our fair and spontaneous overdraft loan lets you stay flexible. You’ll receive our decision immediately after registration, allowing you to access your overdraft the same moment if approved.

  • Variable borrowing rate of 8.50 % p.a*
  • Amounts between €500 and €10,000 to choose from
  • Interest charged quarterly
  • Finalize 100% digitally, via smartphone or PC
  • Super-fast registration and instant decision process

Open account and get overdraft now*

*Our loan application form is only available in German

Fidor acts only as a broker who supplies information or as a "tipster" and is therefore not responsible for the services provided by third parties.


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open account and finalise now*

*Our loan application form is only available in German

What requirements must be met for the Fidor overdraft facility*The borrowing rate for the overdraft loan is variable and is derived from the total of the bank rate of interest for overdraft loan to the amount of 8.50 % p.a. and the current rate of the main refinancing operations of the European Central Bank (current ECB interest rate 0.00 % p.a. as at 30.09.2018). Please read our Terms and Conditions of Business and Special Terms for Private Customers for more information. The interest is calculated based on the euro interest method. The interest is charged quarterly to the Fidor Smart current account.


You must be a customer of Fidor Bank. If you do not yet have a Fidor Smart current account, you can open the account and then apply for the overdraft directly. Another basic requirement for a Fidor overdraft is a positive credit check (including a Schufa check). In addition, you must be of legal age and show regular receipts of money in your account, which we check with the help of our fully digital account check when you apply. You can also have your salary account with another bank.

As a Fidor customer, you can apply for your Fidor overdraft at any time in your online banking. The application and activation is 100% digital and the entire process only takes a few minutes. You can then immediately dispose of the overdraft that has been set up. Please have your mobile phone ready to apply for the application, as we will send you an mTAN via SMS for final activation.

No, your salary can also go to another bank. We check this with the help of our fully digital account check as part of the application.

With the Fidor overdraft, you don't pay a fixed fee, but interest. The annual debit interest is variable and is currently 8.50%. However, this interest only applies to the amounts and the days that you actually used it. For example, if your overdraft is €500 and you have theoretically drawn €100 of that continuously for 60 days, the interest would be €1.25. If interest has accrued, we will debit this from your Fidor Smart current account on the last bank working day of each quarter. The debit interest of the Fidor overdraft facility has been 8.50% per year since November 1st, 2019. Additional fees do not apply.

In this case, our Fidor installment loan may be of interest to you. With this you can balance your account again, and on the other hand you can have an additional cash injection paid out to you (assuming a positive credit check including a SCHUFA query). You then pay back the total amount in 12 to 120 equal monthly installments. You can get a non-binding offer here.

The amount you request and enter is considered an indicative upper limit. However, it may be that your overdraft cannot be approved for the entire amount. In this case, the overdraft limit will be adjusted and, if necessary, reduced in the offer.

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